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If you read some of the founder interviews on this site, you’ll see many of them talking about choosing a problem that you’re willing to spend the next ten years on, and how they did this. But how do you find the problems you want to spend the next ten years of life on? Below are links to the latest content from some of the best blogs about tech, business and the world at large, to get you thinking.


    This is a blog written by Fred Wilson, the founder of Union Square Ventures. He is a prominent Venture Capitalist and he likes to post his personal thoughts on here.

  1. Funding Friday: Shower Power

  2. Early Liquidity vs Holding

  3. Turnout

  4. Vote

  5. Going Direct To Learners With Software

  6. Funding Fridays: Agi's

  7. When are we going to know who won the election?

  8. The NYC Fintech Innovation Lab

  9. The David Prize

  10. Removing The CEO


    Written by Ben Thompson. He has previously worked for Apple and Microsoft, among other companies, and now writes for the blog full time. The weekly articles (listed here) are free.

  1. Is the Internet Different?

  2. United States v. Google

  3. Twitter, Responsibility, and Accountability

  4. Disney and Integrators Versus Aggregators

  5. Anti-monopoly vs. Antitrust

  6. 2020 Bundles

  7. Nvidia’s Integration Dreams

  8. Rethinking the App Store

  9. Apple, Epic, and the App Store

  10. Antitrust Politics